There is simply nothing that feels more plush, luxurious and warm than a lovely carpet or rug. They are available in so many colours and styles too that choice is probably the most difficult thing of all. 

As we stand on the threshold of 2022 we thought it pertinent to offer some advice on what will be happening with carpets and rugs next year and beyond, and the kind of choices you can make to maximise your carpet or rug experience. So, what will be trending in carpets and rugs in 2022?

Versatile carpets 

According to Interior Designers, the carpet is the ultimate décor accessory as it can be used in so many ways and has so many practical and aesthetic usages. In the bedroom, carpets offer the benefit of stepping out of bed onto a warm surface and fitted in any room they offer an element of luxury and style that is hard for any other surface to beat. 

Carpets are also said to be more hygienic and assist allergy sufferers as they capture the dust particles that would ordinarily be floating in the air. As partners with one of S.A’s top carpet companies ‘Top Carpet,’ we are assured that the range of new carpets coming into the market in 2022 will be better quality and more stunning than ever before. 

With so many people now working, at least part-time from home and the demand for home offices, the number of people renovating homes will escalate in 2022 as well. This means that many will choose to go the carpet route particularly if they have badly worn floors and a carpet is seen as a cheaper and more suitable replacement.

With rugs, the sky is the limit!

When it comes to rugs, the styles and colours are even more limitless as there is so much more scope for rugs that are unique and different. This is not so much a practical piece of décor (although they too can add some warmth when needed), but from an aesthetic point of view rugs are the home and office decorator’s best friend!

Berber, woollen, patterned, plain or round, we are told that the styles in 2022 will be better and bolder than ever before. 

How to use them 

We are not decorators, but according to the experts, rugs are ‘’often placed in front of the sofa or under the coffee table, and can also be used to delimit spaces. It is the ideal decorative asset to highlight your furniture or inject a touch of originality into a room.’’

Easily interchangeable, rugs allow gusto, give a new feel to a room, or can revamp the whole room completely! The living room rug is also perfect for concealing an old-fashioned floor or enhancing a beautiful wooden, Vinyl or laminated floor, so watch out for our article on flooring trends for 2022 as well.

Come and see

The best way we can explain what will be trending in carpets and rugs in 2022 is to show you and so you have an open invitation to visit the Libra Flooring showroom in Montague Gardens Cape Town and talk to one of our carpets and rugs experts.

We are very proud to always carry the latest and most fashionable range of flooring and carpets and rugs and we have done so since our inception over 20 years ago. Come and experience our ‘balance of quality and price’ afforded to every one of our valued customers.

Happy holidays!