Comfortable, cosy Carpets add an element of warmth and luxury to every living or work space!

Libra Flooring are suppliers and expert installers of Carpets of all kinds. We have an excellent partnership with Top Carpets and Floors, one of South Africa’s premier Carpet suppliers and as a result, we can offer the most extensive range of Carpets that fully comply with our motto of ‘A balance between quality and price.’

With the extensive range of alternate floorings now available, it is a myth that Carpets have become any less popular. With the incredibly large variety of colours, styles, makes and applications of Carpets they are more popular than ever. It’s time to add the character, comfort, convenience and cost-effectiveness of modern Carpets to your home, office or retail spaces.

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Relief for allergy sufferers

A third of the population suffers from some sort of allergies and it was long thought that Carpets contributed to this.

The exact opposite is in fact true and Carpets, by capturing the allergens and preventing these and dust from wafting through the air, actually improve the air quality of the home and assist allergy sufferers.

Non-slip and softer landings

Because Carpets are non-slip they are better for little ones or anyone not sure of foot, and even should they fall, a plush Carpet can offer a much softer landing, preventing serious injuries.

Insulation and sound barriers

Carpets are warm in winter and cool in summer thanks to their insulation value and they are also great for reducing noise in the home or workspace as they act as sound barriers too.

Last but not least – Cost efficiency and added value

Beautiful, stylish carpets add a definite touch of class to the home or offices they adorn and with the long-lasting carpets of today, they can add great value to the resale of any property. They can also be a far more cost-effective flooring choice than many others and are often considered to be far cheaper to lay over old floors than a complete floor replacement.

Some of our Designer Carpets range…

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