Awesome, attractive Awnings add value and prestige to any home or office space!

Libra Flooring are suppliers and expert installers of Awnings of all kinds. Awnings are attractive, fixed or retractable, assimilated roof coverings that extend over an outdoor space to offer shade and protection from the elements. Come rain, wind or shine, Awnings are an excellent appendage to the windows and doors of homes, offices and retail spaces.

They are stylish, beautiful and add an element of class and flair to any outdoor area as well as being highly functional. The Libra Floorings range makes awnings in various shapes, materials and sizes to accommodate every specific requirement of both our residential and commercial customers.

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Providing shade extends your living space

In summer, outdoor living is greatly enhanced by having more shaded areas. An awning over a door extends the living area and a large awning over an exterior decking is the equivalent of adding another roof – yet another cost-saving too!

Add privacy

If you happen to live in an apartment, with others looking down on you, or in a home where your outdoor area is exposed to others from above, amongst all their other benefits awnings offer privacy too.

A range of styles, colours and materials

Awnings are custom-made with a range to choose from so you can have exactly what your living space demands and what appeals to you personally. The types of Awnings available from Libra Flooring are…

  • Patio Awnings
  • Metal Awnings
  • Freestanding Awnings
  • Window and Door Awnings

Some of our Designer Awning Installations…

Don’t hesitate to talk to us about a free consultation to ascertain your specific awning requirements.