Strong, versatile Shutters with an exquisite look and a solid purpose!

Libra Flooring are suppliers and expert installers of Shutters of all kinds. Shutters are so much more than just doors that look like blinds. They are highly functional and yet can be as aesthetically pleasing as any range of blinds. Our designer range is evidence of that and whether they are utilised as interior doors, security doors leading outside, over windows or as secure, highly attractive skylight covers, stunning Shutters are functional and look great in any home or commercial environment.

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Add value

As a permanent fixture to the property, Shutters add excellent financial value on resale, particularly if they are Security Shutters as this eliminates additional expense on security and attractive finishes. Another added benefit to the buyer is that shutters are durable, easy to maintain and seldom need to be upgraded or replaced.


So important in today’s germ polluted environments is the added value of Shutters being easy to clean and an ideal alternative to curtains for allergy sufferers!

    Some of our Designer Shutter Installations…

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