Founded way back in 1988 with only 6 members, Top Carpets and Flooring (TCF) now boast 130 members countrywide, making them the largest independent flooring group in Africa, and with their unique 5-star service guarantee they are the main suppliers of flooring services to the insurance industry.

So what are the attributes that make a great carpet and flooring company? Well, it is about building on a solid foundation of the 4 cornerstones that make Top Carpet and Flooring specialists – and these are…

1. Excellent advice – Your journey with top carpet and flooring specialists begins with the kind of professional advice you are given to select the right products for your home. TCF believes that your home should be a reflection of you, no matter what your budget or your style.

They help you to identify this with a few vital (and visual) questions because understanding what you like will make selecting your carpet or flooring (the canvas of your home) so much easier.

2. Excellence of service and backup – High-value purchases are wrought with hidden risks so TCF has developed a comprehensive set of Consumer Benefits to provide their customers with peace of mind.

They strive to exceed your expectations by providing you with seamless and efficient service as well as full accountability and after-sales backup. TCF’s greatest passion is helping you to realise your vision of creating liveable spaces that serve their intended purpose.

3. Expert installations –Despite their small beginnings TCF now have several teams and partners that successfully install over 100 000 floors every year nationwide! Rest assured that they guarantee the expert installation of your selected products and you need only maintain them correctly to comply with the terms and conditions of your guarantees and warranties. TCF advise you on this too!

4. Experience and expertise –Always maintaining the core values of excellence, transparency and professionalism, Top Carpet ad Flooring’s experience and expertise form the key cornerstone of their business.

Their primary mission is to seamlessly determine, deliver and install your specific needs, and in applying more than 34 years of experience in flooring and complementary interior furnishings, they ensure that you realise your carpet and flooring aspirations!

The perfect partnership

Recognising this excellence, and practising the same high standards, Libra Flooring became members of the TCF group in 2017. We knew we could become valuable to them and this has been reflected in their recognition of our excellence with numerous awards and accolades including ‘Member of the year for the Western Cape in 2020!’

It has also given us access to their major range of the finest rugs available online and we feel privileged to be a party to their social consciousness ‘We care’ initiative as strong supporters of ‘Reach for Recovery Breast cancer awareness’ and ‘Operation Smile.’

Contact us to find out for yourself that both Top Carpets and Flooring and Libra flooring are solidly built on the 4 cornerstones that make Top Carpet and Flooring specialists!



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Top Carpets And Floors Montague Gardens Libra Flooring Team