Unfortunately in the Cape Winters when we receive our much-needed rain there are often more insurance claims for water damage to carpets and floors. There are reasons for this as we will discover in this article but suffice to say the 64 million dollar question is are you prepared for water damage to carpets and floors? Do you know what immediate action to take? We also look at some preventative measures you can take to try to avoid such damage occurring. It is a pretty big subject so we will split the article into 2 parts and this first part deals with water damage to carpets…

Are you insured?

Whether we are talking about carpets or wood floors the first thing we would advise is to check that your household insurance covers water damage to carpets and floors and most importantly to what extent.

Usually, most policies will cover you for damage done directly by excessive rainfall, like storm or rainwater flooding and sewerage overflows, and other damage done regardless of the weather like burst geysers, burst pipes and even the bath overflowing accidentally.

What is usually not covered (this is just general, so do check your own policy) is water damage caused by leaking or corroded pipes, poor waterproofing and lack of ventilation, but in particular slow leaks where water seepage over a period of time has led to damp, rot, decay, moss, mildew, etc. It is advisable to have geysers, pipes and stormwater drains etc. inspected and repaired from time to time – as this could prevent water damage in the future.

Act immediately

Whether you are covered or not, when the damage has been done you must act immediately to minimise it. In the case of fitted carpets, immediate water extraction from the carpet and drying of the carpet can minimise damage. It is advisable to call reputable flooring and carpets experts immediately to see if they need to come to remove the underfelt as this could save the whole carpet.

This should happen, in the case of flood damage, even before calling your insurers as clean water from drains or burst geysers is unlikely to cause permanent stains but dirty water from flood mud, silt or sewerage can stain and damage a carpet so badly it will need to be replaced.

Claim immediately

Take photographs and make your insurance claim as quickly as possible, as time in all your actions can minimalise damage and costs all round. All this kind of damage is subject to inspection so also do be honest in all your dealings with the insurers and flooring and carpet suppliers.

Use only the best flooring and carpet installers

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Both of these accredited companies have accolades and awards to prove that they work effectively and efficiently with insurers to ensure that water damage is kept to a minimum and that you will get the best result from your claim for damages.

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