Great winter renovation ideas for lifestyles in 2023

We certainly are living in an ever-changing world. Since COVID-19 have we become far more aware of the importance of our environment having seen the differences in nature when we were not so invasive of it. Our lifestyles in terms of working from home and making more of our living spaces have changed too [...]

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Choose rugs for winter warmth perfectly paired with your floors!

One of the very best ways to introduce an element of warmth to every room is by laying beautiful winter rugs wherever you can – and why is this? Rugs look great – Rugs have an aesthetic appeal that can totally transform a room. Not only do they add warmth but the rugs that are [...]

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A boost for flooring and carpet buyers when finances deck you!

Without a doubt, most South Africans right now are feeling the financial pinch. With ever-increasing energy prices and an ever-decreasing rand against foreign currencies, things are simply getting more expensive and there’s not much we can do about it. Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean we can simply stop spending. When it comes to flooring and [...]

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The great carpet comeback – it’s about lifestyle!

Carpets have always been popular and very much a part of the flooring scene, but in recent years with the evolution of Vinyl and Laminated flooring, carpets took a bit of a back seat. As we go into 2023, however, it appears that all this is changing and carpets are going full circle to [...]

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Carpet and rug trends for 2023 will be all about nature!

Maybe it’s because we spent a long time off the streets in 2020 locked up due to the COVI-19 pandemic and saw nature prosper in many ways as a result of it, or because we view life differently now, or because sustainability is such a key issue for us as we go into the [...]

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The right rug for your floor can add colour, warmth and style!

Rugs are Interior Designers' go-to accessories for bringing a room to life with colour, warmth beauty and style! Regardless of the type of floor you have or the décor you have chosen, a rug can be the one thing that brings a room alive and so it’s a good idea to know what rugs [...]

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5 Common carpet and flooring challenges solved through 1 collaboration

Some concerns always arise when one needs to find, choose, buy and have carpets or flooring professionally installed. They are valid concerns and it is in an effort to solve them that a great collaboration between 2 great entities in the carpets and flooring industry came about. A little history To give credibility to [...]

When hardwood floors and carpets make a handsome couple!

Many people will be surprised to know that hardwood floors and carpets can make a great couple – and it’s not only rugs that work over floors. Let’s face it, hardwood flooring throughout a residence or office space, as beautiful as it looks, can get a bit boring and there are certain areas where [...]

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What will be trending in carpets and rugs in 2022?

There is simply nothing that feels more plush, luxurious and warm than a lovely carpet or rug. They are available in so many colours and styles too that choice is probably the most difficult thing of all.  As we stand on the threshold of 2022 we thought it pertinent to offer some advice on [...]

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Just keep carpets clean and you can breathe easy!

Recent research conducted by the CRI (Carpets and Rugs Institute) in North America dispels the long-held belief that Carpets are problematic for Asthma sufferers as they contain harmful allergens that affect them adversely. This is simply not true according to the CSI’s report and they also say, “Our research has consistently shown how carpet [...]

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