Some concerns always arise when one needs to find, choose, buy and have carpets or flooring professionally installed. They are valid concerns and it is in an effort to solve them that a great collaboration between 2 great entities in the carpets and flooring industry came about.

A little history

To give credibility to this article a little important history needs to be revealed. Top Carpets and Floors (TCF) group, Africa’s largest and most successful carpets, flooring (and related products) suppliers, were seeking top-notch flooring partners in the Western Cape. Seeing the benefits of partnering with such a prestigious entity and knowing the important contribution we could make, Libra flooring became a TCF member in mid-2017.

Although we remain entirely independent as flooring suppliers, we could see the benefit of obtaining carpets and other materials from a company with such an impressive standing and product listing – and most importantly we knew that with this partnership the 5 most common carpet and flooring challenges could be solved through 1 collaboration! So, what are these challenges?

  1. Can I get exactly what I want? – Everyone’s biggest concern is ‘’can I get what I want? Who will have what I need – and where will I get it all?’’ Well, this was exactly the point of the collaboration between Libra and TCF – to be able to offer a huge range of both carpets and flooring in every style, colour and design available. This also extends to rugs, blinds and shutters, exterior decking and artificial lawn etc.
  2. Can I get good quality at the price I can afford?– Once again the collaboration of Libra and TCF means that there is a much greater range of goods and prices but in the case of both companies quality is never compromised for reduced pricing. Libra flooring’s motto is ‘A balance of quality and price’ so you simply can’t find a business that takes this promise more seriously!
  3. Who will give me the service I need? –Also a great concern is the level of service that one can expect from contractors and if they will be there when you need them. Well, service excellence is a criteria of all prestigious awards and TCF were deservedly awarded as Africa’s ‘Best flooring contractor’ in 2013 and Libra flooring, within the Top Carpets and Flooring group, was awarded Member of the year Western Cape in 2018 and 2020!
  4. Who will reliably and professionally install my carpets or flooring? – Between Libra flooring and TCF they have successfully installed hundreds of thousands of floors and TCF fit 100 000 floors every year nationwide! Rest assured that both entities can, from experience, guarantee the expert installation of your selected products.
  5. What about warranties and comebacks? – This is one of the greatest concerns of anyone dealing with service providers and it is a valid one. Rest assured that when dealing with Libra and TCF it means that you have one entity whose mission is to ensure that its reputation is never compromised so credibility and accountability come as part of the package. You need only maintain your products correctly to comply with the terms and conditions of your guarantees and warranties and we can advise you on that too!
Top Carpets And Floors Montague Gardens Libra Flooring

The collaboration that conquers all concerns and challenges!

There is strength in great partnerships and the one between Libra Flooring and Top Carpets and Flooring essentially negates every concern that you may have about your choice of service providers for your carpet and flooring purchases and installations.

That doesn’t mean that we don’t care about your specific concerns or choices though. Choosing the correct floor can be a difficult decision so we help you to simplify this process. If you need assistance with choosing the right floor type, size, or colour, please contact us to speak to one of our consultants – or come visit us at our showroom in Montague Gardens Cape Town. We look forward to being of service to you!