As we enter into another year we don’t know what it will hold. We have come to expect the unexpected in the past couple of years but fortunately, some things have remained consistent and constant. One of these is flooring which, although it has evolved and gone through some significant changes, in essence, certain types of flooring are still firm favourites and we believe they will continue to be in the new year.

There has also been one great flooring dealer that has won awards in 2021 and gone on to be a firm favourite amongst the people of Cape Town, so without further ado, we present to you five fabulous flooring favourites that will feature in 2022…

  • Exemplary Engineered Hardwood – Without question, it stands head and shoulders above all competition when it comes to quality and sheer class. Timeless, traditional and an essential addition to every elegant household or place of work that wants to say ‘’We have arrived – and money is no object.’’ Durable, stylish and natural its pedigree emanates from the fact that every single plank is unique, so no other floor can be the same!
  • Versatile Vinyl – Practical, water and scratch resistant and hardwearing, vinyl will always be in workplaces that demand a hard-working floor with a great look and homes with pets and kids. The best thing about vinyl is that there are so many types and it comes in such a range of colours and styles that you will never be spoilt for choice or disappointed with its reliability. Versatile vinyl, in so many ways, is here to stay!
  • Luxurious Laminate – This is the poor man’s hardwood although the look and feel is anything but cheap. Rather it has a luxurious ‘real wood’ look and one feels that the room still portrays an atmosphere of elegance. It is also a practical floor being hardwearing, easy to install and easy to maintain, so it may be cost-effective but it is a solid purchase in many ways and it will continue to feature in 2022.
  • Beautiful bamboo – Becoming more and more popular as we continue to accelerate our sustainability initiatives and eco-friendly choices. It is not cheap but it is incredibly hardwearing, exceptionally beautiful and saves us a lot of tree felling, something that will become more of an issue in 2022 and as time goes on. 
  • Libra flooring – Every bit as important as the floors you choose is the people who supply them, sell them, install them and ensure their long term maintenance and repair. These are the people you need to trust to assist you to make the right choices for your specific needs and install your floors with the kind of expertise that only comes from experience and a great passion for the work they do.

Libra flooring with our motto ‘A balance of quality and price’ will always give you exactly that, so contact ustoday for a no-obligation consultation to ensure that you will have and work with at least 2 of the five fabulous flooring favourites that will feature in 2022!

Thanks a million to all our valued clients and service providers who have supported us in 2021 – and may you have a blessed festive season and a stupendous new year – See you in 2022!