Many people think of laminate flooring as just one type of product that you decide on against the other popular choices of Vinyl, Solid wood and Engineered wood floorings, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Laminate flooring, as one expert says, “looks better, performs better, and feels better underfoot than ever before and now there is a bonus in that it comes in various types.” We at Libra flooring stock a few, so you can take it from us that Laminate flooring is never boring with so many great choices!

What to know about laminate flooring?

Before we go into what is available and how to choose it though, we thought for the uninitiated you might want to know a little something about the pros and cons of laminate floors.

As with any flooring product, there are mostly pros and a couple of cons to using laminate floors. The Pros are that they are easy to clean and maintain; they are scratch-resistant thereby making them ideal for homes with pets and children and they are relatively inexpensive when compared with other flooring types.

The cons are that moisture can be an issue and swell the laminate floor base, so they are not suitable for bathrooms or other wet areas like laundry rooms – and they chip easily, so one needs to watch out for that.

What is available?

If you just want a good, durable, inexpensive option laminate floors are great and there is a whole range to choose from – here are some that Libra Flooring has on offer…

2,316Designer Finfloor Legacy Dawn  1200 x 193 x 8mm AC3
2,320Designer Finfloor Legacy  1216 x 239 x 8mm AC3 (10yr warranty)
2,420Azura Designer Enigma Vibrance 7 mm class 32 AC4 1261 x 192
2,179Azura Designer Commercial Enigma Vibrance 4V 8 mm class 32 AC4 1261 x 192
1,355Designer Finfloor Legacy Commercial 1200 x 189 x 10mm AC4 4V (15yr warranty)
1,910Designer Finfloor Legacy Reserve  1216 x 196 x 8mm AC4
1,83Designe Finfloor Imagination 8mm
1,453Azura Designer Evolution AC5 126 x 192 x 12mm

How is laminate flooring graded?

If you are wondering what the AC stands for it is the grading of the floors and so you should know something about this too…

According to reliable sources, ‘’the universal standard for grading laminate flooring measures the durability of the laminate according to the grade of usage, which generally takes into account the amount of foot traffic the floor will need to withstand. AC rating refers to the Abrasion Criteria, or Class, which measures from AC1 to AC5.”

Get the balance right 

So what are you waiting for? Laminate flooring is certainly not boring with so many choices so talk to us about your preferred style. We supply German manufactured high-quality laminate floors, which are suitable for the domestic environment as well as commercial and industrial applications. We supply both the Primafloor and Krono original ranges so pop into our showroom in Montague gardens to view the colours and wood effects available.

Finally remember that Libra Flooring is an experienced, expert installation company too that has been serving the Western Cape for over 20 years. We are always committed to striking the balance between quality and price and we can do it for you too. Come and chat with us.