Have you ever wondered why we consistently recommend Virgin Vinyl when recycled Vinyl is less expensive? Well, there are a couple of very sound reasons and as trusted flooring specialists we always have our customer’s best interests at heart. So let’s look at the evidence…

What is Virgin Vinyl?

For the uninitiated Virgin Vinyl is sometimes also known as first-generation vinyl and it is 100% pure. Vinyl is a synthetic man-made plastic made from ethylene and chlorine. Even this good vinyl is inexpensive to make, however, which is why all Vinyl products are not only hard-wearing but also cost-effective.

What is recycled Vinyl?

This is theoretically Virgin Vinyl that has been recycled, but unfortunately, there are no regulations or standard to state that only pure PVC can be recycled. All kinds of unwanted materials, including tyres and other types of rubber, power lines, and even copper wires, can end up in what makes ‘recycled Vinyl’ flooring planks.

Why is Virgin Vinyl a better choice?

Contrary to the popular belief that recycled Vinyl is cheaper, this is only on the face of it. The reality is that the cost of installing Vinyl is not limited to the price of the Vinyl plank alone.

Because the screeding and gluing also play a big part in the final cost per sq. m² – it does not make sense financially to go through this process to end up redoing it far sooner than if you had used Virgin Vinyl.

One should remember that as soon as PVC and other materials are mixed – many of the usual advantages of vinyl like being waterproof, durability, and dimensional stability are compromised.

Because recycled Vinyl is less consistent it is, therefore, less predictable and will wear and break down quicker. Also prone to shrinking or rippling, recycled Vinyl will therefore distort much quicker under regular use.

Your health and the environment

Due to the type of materials that can be thrown into the mix of recycled Vinyl, Virgin Vinyl will always be a healthier choice as it doesn’t release harmful gasses (VOC’s) when decomposing.

These gasses are not only harmful to you but to the environment too, something of which we are now very much aware. When there is no standard for the usage of waste-stream sources in recycled Vinyl, how can we know what percentage of heavy metals are in our floors?

Consult the experts that care

So, the reality is, when it comes to Virgin Vinyl vs. recycled – there’s no contest. Although recycled vinyl is cheaper per plank and might sound like a good idea, it is best to make sure you are buying genuine Virgin Vinyl.

We at Libra flooring know this because we have expert knowledge of all our products and will always make the best recommendation to our customers. Talk to us if you have any doubts as to what choices to make because when it comes to flooring, carpets and decking of any kind we have all the products, expertise and installation experience you’ll ever need.