As we go into 2021 flooring is being revolutionised with new types, looks, colours, patterns and textures. This mini-series of 2 articles will give home renovators, builders and decorators a few ideas of what will be trending this year and beyond.

Because of their popularity and tried and tested durability the four main flooring types will still be the main floors trending – along with carpets which are forever offering a myriad of new styles and textures.

Let’s look at the floor types that will still be the hot favourites and how they may be looking or changing…

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl comes in many types and is a great favourite as it is generally one of the easiest surfaces to clean and maintain. In 2021 from a technological point of view it will take great strides in ensuring that it gets closer to a natural wood and stone look.

SPC rigid core Vinyl will gain even more popularity as it is 100% waterproof and more durable than WPC Vinyl. Durable, stylish, warm and tough, Vinyl generally heads up the favourites list as we go into the beginning of each year.

Laminate flooring

This is ‘the great pretender’ as it is deceptively like real wood but far more cost-effective and easy to maintain. It is also durable with its multi-layer design and so in 2021 as always it will be a hot favourite with those designing busy residential and commercial spaces who still want the rich look of real wood.

Engineered wood flooring

This is much closer to the real thing. With its real wood veneer surface layer, engineered wood includes certain man-made materials like high-density fibreboard (HDF) so that these floors look like genuine hardwood but are far more resilient and durable.

In 2021 there will be a growing trend towards floors that have authentic looks and quality materials – and engineered wood has both. Expect to see more of this as manufacturers continue to develop more types and styles.

Carpet flooring 

Carpet flooring will also continue to grow in popularity simply because it is here that we can get the best of new colours, styles and textures. Carpets will always have their place in certain rooms too, even if a more rugged flooring look is generally preferred in the main areas. Watch this space for the next article on colours and textures as this is where carpets really shine.

Two preferred flooring styles in 2021

Technology has taught us that we can have the best of both worlds – superior products and easier lifestyles, but an ever-growing concern with carbon emissions and the effect on the planet will make sustainability a core focus. The 2 types of flooring that will be preferred in 2021 are therefore waterproof floors and floors that focus on sustainability.

Waterproof floors are a must in a world where our busy lifestyles don’t allow time to be bothered with spillage and constant maintenance. Gone are the days when tiles were your only option though – today you can choose from waterproof vinyl, laminate, engineered hardwood and even waterproof carpets!

Bamboo flooring is a popular favourite amongst ‘green’ decorators and designers due to it being a better material from a sustainability point of view and carpets are leading the way when it comes to recyclable materials. You will, however, also see plenty of recycled and reclaimed hardwood flooring and other hard surfaces using natural and recycled materials in 2021

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