Recent research conducted by the CRI (Carpets and Rugs Institute) in North America dispels the long-held belief that Carpets are problematic for Asthma sufferers as they contain harmful allergens that affect them adversely.

This is simply not true according to the CSI’s report and they also say, “Our research has consistently shown how carpet keeps allergens, dirt, and debris out of the breathing zone.” “It is simple science. Carpet improves air quality by trapping particles, dirt, and debris in the carpet which keeps them out of the air you breathe. Regular cleaning then removes the particles for good.’’

Even more encouraging is that this has been endorsed by the USA’s NHLBI (National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute) who no longer include any recommendations regarding removing carpets as a way to treat asthma and allergies.

Knowing, therefore, that carpets are not actually a danger but that they simply trap dust particles is evidence enough that you need only keep carpets clean, and you can breathe easy!

Professional cleaning is best

One thing however that does make a difference is that carpets need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis.

There are a few reasons for this. Apart from thoroughly, and not just partially removing the built-up dust particles and allergens, it can prevent a lot of more sinister issues like dust mite infestations for example which can occur without the homeowner even knowing it.

Professional cleaning also reduces the odours that carpets can trap after a while from pet ‘accidents’ and other things that aren’t always removed with normal vacuuming. Some staining can only be removed by professional cleaning and by ensuring proper sanitisation and cleaning with safe chemicals professional cleaning can actually prolong the life span of the carpet too.

Carpet and Flooring suppliers and installers can help too

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