Traditionally carpet tiles have been seen as a pretty dreary carpeting option used mostly for practical reasons in predominantly commercial applications. Well this is changing as carpet tiles are now becoming more freely available in a great range of styles and colours and suddenly not only Churches, Restaurants and Communal centres are using them more extensively, but even more people in their own homes.

It is, in fact, a mixture of affordability, practicality and now aesthetic appeal that have made carpet tiles a recent trend, so let’s look at how brawn and beauty make carpet tiles the latest style!

They are easy to maintain and replace 

Although we recommend professional installation, particularly of large areas, carpet tiles are easier to install for DIY enthusiasts in home situations. More importantly, they can be replaced tile by tile – a massive advantage of carpet tiles and the main reason they are used in high traffic situations. They are also generally easier to maintain as they are low pile and require less intensive cleaning.

They are cost-effective 

The direct result of not having to replace a whole carpet or section of flooring is that carpet tiles are said to be more cost-effective over time too. Further to this, many carpet tiling options are cheaper to purchase than standard carpeting or flooring too.

They are more durable and water-resistant

Carpet tiles are usually pretty hard wearing because of the low pile and very tight, looped weave. Once again this holds up well to heavier traffic than that normally found in the household.

Although not waterproof, they do tend to be more water-resistant, protecting the flooring substrate more effectively – and of course, even heavy water damage can be replaced tile by tile as opposed to the entire carpet.

They are warmer and more allergy-friendly 

For those who like to have a hard surface, but prefer more warmth, carpet tiles are ideal. They tend to be harder and flatter and because they are generally lower pile they are also better for those who suffer from allergens often built up in normal carpets.

They now come in a great range of colours and contemporary styles

Gone are the days that carpet tiles were generally only available in dreary, dark colours. They are now available in a myriad of colours, fashionable designs and contemporary styles, as can be seen on the websites of the world’s top carpet suppliers. For this reason, they are now becoming more popular because they still have all the practical attributes, but look as stunning as any other carpet or floor.

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