Carpets have always been popular and very much a part of the flooring scene, but in recent years with the evolution of Vinyl and Laminated flooring, carpets took a bit of a back seat. As we go into 2023, however, it appears that all this is changing and carpets are going full circle to accommodate some of the changing trends in modern living.

We thought, as expert suppliers and installers of flooring of every kind, we would let you know more about why there is a great carpet comeback – it’s about lifestyle! There are three primary trends shaping the way we live now that make carpets a perfect fit (if you’ll excuse the pun!) for our 2023 lifestyles.

More choices

Carpets have always been attractive, but now, more than ever, they are available in a fantastic range of textures, colours and designs. This gives Designers and homeowners more choices and we are a society that now not only likes but expects more choices. We are also a society that likes our creature comforts and there’s no doubt that carpets have always been seen as the top form of flooring when it comes to sheer comfort!

Going green

No, this doesn’t mean that we are choosing more green carpets, but that we are a society that is taking our environment more seriously and we are currently facing an energy crisis. Not only have  South Africans been thrown into the dark, but in Europe, they are feeling the cold too! We all need to ensure that we create as much natural warmth in the home as possible therefore and carpets have always been the warmest form of flooring too!

More time living at home

With millions of people spending more time at home we need to remember that not everyone has the money or space to create a separate office area – or that separate Granny flat or kids’ playroom. Acoustics in the home then becomes of primary concern and carpets always dampen a room to aid in acoustics. Additionally, the safety of the softness of carpets comes into play when it comes to kids’ accidents or Granny taking a fall.

We saw it coming!

Libra Flooring, as a top flooring company in the Western Cape for over 20 years, decided a long time ago to always be at the cutting edge of everything underfoot and that would mean providing carpets as well as our full range of flooring products.

It was a no-brainer therefore to become affiliated with Top Carpets and Flooring, South Africa’s biggest with over 130 branches nationwide and an African footprint. We couldn’t have made a better move and apart from being voted as one of their best affiliates on a couple of occasions, it keeps us abreast of all carpeting trends and able to offer carpets within our usual promise of ‘A balance of quality and price’ to all our flooring customers.

Avail yourself of everything you’ll ever need in flooring and carpets and get the best products, value, service and installations by contacting us today!