Without a doubt, most South Africans right now are feeling the financial pinch. With ever-increasing energy prices and an ever-decreasing rand against foreign currencies, things are simply getting more expensive and there’s not much we can do about it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean we can simply stop spending. When it comes to flooring and carpets which is our speciality, people still have to improve their homes from time to time, builders have to lay floors and of course, short-term rental landlords with Airbnb properties have to keep their places looking spick and span. All we can do is find cheaper (which might compromise quality) or better ways to finance flooring and carpeting purchases.

For this reason, regardless of what our economic situation looks like, we provide 3 ways that always provide a boost for flooring and carpet buyers when finances deck you!

Float Finance

The best and easiest way to finance your purchases is with Float finance. But what is Float? It is a way for purchasers to use the available limits on their VISA or Mastercard (no debit cards) credit cards to buy now and pay in interest and fee-free monthly installments! You don’t need an application and there are no credit cheques.

It’s like an interest-free budget facility. It is not confined to online shopping either and can be administered in-store, via e-mail, or by an invoice. The full amount must be available on the card for Float to work. It is a simple 3-step process to make the purchase and you need only contact us to decide what you need and we’ll explain the rest.

A wider range means more pricing options

The second way we assist you to see easily finance your flooring or carpet needs is by giving you a wider scope of choice. Wider choice always means more options to find what you need at better prices. We have been partnered with South Africa’s largest carpeting business, Top Carpets and Floors for many years now and we can accordingly offer a massive range of products.

Being the largest, Top Carpets offer a very wide range of pricing too to suit every pocket. It’s like the difference in pricing you will find if you choose to shop at a hypermarket or a small corner store outlet – huge!

A balance of quality and price

Don’t be misled into thinking that buying quality always has to come at an exorbitant price. This is simply not true and Libra Flooring has over the last 20 years of providing the best in flooring and carpets in Cape Town been proving this. You need only contact us – or pop into our showrooms in Montague Gardens to find out that quality can be provided at very reasonable pricing.

Our motto is ‘A balance of quality and price’ and this is not based on empty words but on our tireless efforts to find the best quality products at the right pricing for our customers. You should never compromise on quality, and with Libra Flooring you will never have to as we are expert suppliers and installers of all our products, but we do find ways to be flexible with pricing and always give a boost for flooring and carpet buyers when finances deck you!