One of the very best ways to introduce an element of warmth to every room is by laying beautiful winter rugs wherever you can – and why is this?

Rugs look great – Rugs have an aesthetic appeal that can totally transform a room. Not only do they add warmth but the rugs that are available now can be like works of art laid over an otherwise dull expanse of flooring. In fact, some rugs are hung on walls as decorative art pieces!

Rugs save on energy – warm winter rugs can add a great element of warmth to take the edge off a cold floor and this warmth comes without any energy cost at all!

Rugs feel great! – There is nothing quite like the feel of a woolly warm rug next to a fireplace as you sip your brandy or wine and enjoy its sumptuous luxury – or the feel of warm rugs underfoot as you make your way around the home.

Match the floors you have

A vital element of using winter rugs however, from an aesthetic point of view, is to ensure that they match the existing floors that you have. Some people with carpets baulk at the idea and say rugs just don’t work over carpets but they can with the right texture and colours and so let us give you some advice from the interior décor experts that will assist you to choose rugs for winter warmth perfectly paired with your floors!

Carpeted floors 

The experts say that even on coloured carpets a well-chosen rug can add that extra element of warmth and enhance the colourful, decorative look of the room. They are particularly popular with carpets in living areas and bedrooms. Providing you choose a colour that doesn’t depart from the primary colour of the carpet a cut-pile or flat weave rug is suggested for pairing with carpeting, particularly in the living room.

Engineered wood and Bamboo floors

Rugs also work well with the rich textures of wood flooring whether it be Engineered, or the now very popular Bamboo wood flooring. Regarding colour matching, as one interior designer put it , ‘’The rug colour you choose for your room should depend on the type of wood flooring you have. Dark wood flooring screams out for a lighter, natural shade such as a brown or tan, while a lighter wood will benefit from darker, richer tones.’’

Regarding texture, don’t spoil the natural beauty of wood floors with busy or ostentatious rugs. Rather go for something plainer that runs with the grain of the wood.

Laminated and Vinyl floors

These hardwearing waterproof and scratch-proof floors are all the rage right now but they can be cold to the touch and are therefore the ideal pairing with a warm winter rug. They come in a pretty wide range of colours themselves, so choosing the right rug colour therefore be a challenge but the decorators suggest that you go for a big splash of colour utilising contrasting colours that complement each other.

As far as texture is concerned, a laminate floor is like a blank canvas to paint on so you can go for almost any style or texture but for winter a thick style is suggested like a tufted or carved-pile rug. These are soft underfoot and great thermal insulators too!

Libra flooring has all the options!

As a renowned Flooring company situated in Montague Gardens Cape Town, Libra Flooring has been serving Capetonians for over 20 years providing and installing the finest floors of all descriptions. Since our partnership with Top Carpets and Floors came into being we also provide and install carpets and rugs to match our floors, both in looks and quality.

We are therefore eminently qualified to advise on choosing rugs for winter warmth that are perfectly paired with your floors – and on anything else you need to know about our extensive range of products. Contact us – or come on in to see for yourself!