We certainly are living in an ever-changing world. Since COVID-19 have we become far more aware of the importance of our environment having seen the differences in nature when we were not so invasive of it. Our lifestyles in terms of working from home and making more of our living spaces have changed too so we thought you may be interested in a few worldwide trends that will give you some great winter renovation ideas for lifestyles in 2023…

Fabulous floors

Renewing the look and feel of any living or work space should always begin with the floors. Let’s face it even an empty showroom with a fabulous floor can be an attractive space and the trend today is to first and foremost have a beautiful floor and then build from that.

Whether it is luxurious engineered or solid wood, versatile vinyl, long-lasting laminated or beautiful eco-friendly bamboo flooring, talk to your flooring experts about what best suits the look and feel of your home or office and suits your lifestyle and your pocket. With so many styles of floors to choose from now, your décor options are extensive too. For winter months underfloor heating is a great option and is not as expensive as one would expect.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets were deemed, for a while, to be unfashionable and unhealthy but this has greatly changed in recent years. Carpets, now eco-friendly and hypo-allergenic and available in so many styles and colours that the mind boggles, are once again a favourite with Interior Designers and homeowners in 2023.

Due to the warmth that they generate, fully carpeted floors are very fashionable in bedrooms and cosy formal lounges with fireplaces. For those who prefer the look of for example a stylish wooden floor but still want some natural warmth, a large rug overlay can be very fashionable and practical.

Yes, rugs are also highly favoured again and like carpets (but even more so) rugs come in a massive range of styles and colours, and a winter favourite is to even adorn a whole wall with a decorative rug, adding warmth and classic style to the room.

Let the sun shine in!

The most popular winter renovation right now, due to spiraling energy costs and a yearning to combine the beauty of the outdoors with indoor spaces is to knock down walls that block natural sunlight, replace them with fashionable frameless sliding or folding doors, or even create the classic bay window seat as a brilliant winter workspace.

There is nothing that creates more natural light and warmth than simply letting the sunshine in wherever you can, thereby saving on energy costs for at least daytime light and heating. Magnificent, fashionable custom-made blinds over your newly created windows allow light to be controlled and add a touch of class and beauty that can transform a room.

When night falls security becomes an issue but the fashionable beauty of your room need not be compromised as you cover your sliding or folding doors with stunning designer shutters that are as secure, but far more pleasing to the eye, than any burglar bars!

One shop supplies it all!

With our determination to always be able to service our customers with what they need and our excellent partnership with Top Carpets and Floors, Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens Cape Town provides and installs all the renovation materials you need. From all forms of flooring, carpets, blinds, shutters, wall cladding, wooden and composite decking and more we supply and expertly install them all.

A renowned Cape flooring company for the last 20 years, our balance of quality and price has stood us in good stead and enabled us to continue to expand and form lasting relationships with our customers, partners and suppliers alike so talk to us today about whatever you need to make great winter renovations to suit your lifestyle in 2023!