It has been around for a very long time and predated the Vinyl and Laminated floors that we so commonly see today. Rich in texture and very beautiful, Solid Wood flooring has adorned the plush homes of the Western Cape for many decades. Now, equally as elegant and beautiful, Engineered Wood is the preferred alternative and there are a few reasons for this.

Let’s take a look firstly at what it is and what makes it different to Solid Wood flooring…

What is Engineered Wood flooring?

Engineered Wood Flooring is essentially pre-sanded oak. The method of laying it is in multiple-ply layers which are cross-layered, glued and pressed together with a thicker on top hardwood veneer wear layer. This is then glued and pressed on the top surface of the core.

The three layers of wood bonded together make it more stable and durable and the very beautiful finish, provided you have used a professional flooring installation company, should remain for many years to come.

What makes it so special?

So what are a few key factors that make Engineered wood flooring as special as they say it is?…

Luxurious finish

There is no question that a natural wood floor has always been seen as the ultimate flooring as it has such a feeling of sheer luxury and elegance. It is seen in the best of the Cape homes, offices and public buildings wherever its unique beauty is the only thing deemed to be good enough.

Easy cleaning

Engineered Wood seems to repel dust and dirt. A simple cleaning regime includes mopping with a damp cloth and dusting with a broom. It doesn’t need to be repolished often either as Engineered Wood floors maintain their polished look for many years

Durable and valuable 

Engineered Wood flooring, when prepared and installed well, can endure high volumes of feet traffic common in commercial, retail and other public spaces. It can also add great value to any property as it is seen as a luxury item and an asset to any structure.

More Variety

Like Solid Wood, it has a look and feel unlike any other floor type, but don’t be fooled into thinking Engineered Wood is always the same look because we at Libra Flooring supply it in different colours – the commonly known natural oil, as well as the slightly darker Smokey mountain and very contrasting White oil and Extra white.

Get it from the best

Libra Flooring, situated in Montague Gardens, is the leading Engineered Wooden Flooring Company in Cape Town, South Africa and it is for this reason that we have for the past twenty-four years been building a solid clientele of those who still want this kind of sheer luxury to adorn their homes.

Although Engineered wood is not the cheapest, it still compares favourably with, for example, Solid Wood and Bamboo Wood, and with our ’Balance of Quality and price’ we are the best suppliers and installers of Engineered wood in the Mother City.

Talk to us today to find out more about Engineered Wood and what makes it so special, as well as our wide range of alternate flooring and many other household products, like carpets, blinds, shutters and wooden decking. We’re here to serve so come on in!