We were appointed to supply and install a luxury wood laminate floor specifically from our Designer range ‘Treescapes’ – colour Umkhaya, in a classic Sea Point apartment for one of our elderly clients. She is a lovely lady with a sense of style and for whom ‘nothing but the best’ would suffice. Although the job entailed a couple of unique challenges we knew that being a company that also provides ‘nothing but the best’ we were up to it!

The challenge 

There were a couple of challenges that had to be met in this particular job. The first challenge we had was that no work could be done between 12 pm and 2 pm and from then on no machines could be used. Unfortunately, installations do take place at all times of the day and there is always of course some noise factor from the machinery that is required.

The second challenge was that the lift is old and not all of the materials could go into it – and the apartment was on the 4th floor.

As is our practice, however, we simply seek to find ways around these types of challenges and they are not uncommon when it comes to installation work. Fortunately, we have a highly experienced team and we have been in this business for so many years that invariably we can provide solutions without compromising the installation or the materials.

The solution 

Materials were transported via lift to the 4th floor and the skirtings that were too long for the lift were carefully carried up via the staircase, ensuring no damage along the way. Our guys did the cut-ins of the laminate and cutting of the pine skirtings with the correct machinery in the morning so as to minimise the noise factor and meet the mandate.

To meet the requirement of the specific product that our client wanted and add extra value we utilised an 8mm HDF (High-Density Fibre) Core laminate plank which is a heavy type perfectly suited for residential usage – and it carries a 10-year guarantee. This particular laminate floor is classified as AC3/W31 and is made in Turkey.

As one can see from the photographs, all our work is systematically and meticulously carried out with attention to the finest detail being the core focus. We finished one day ahead of schedule thereby giving us enough time to sort out snags if any.

The outcome 

Our Client, like so many others before her was extremely happy with the outcome, as well as the behaviour and workmanship of the fitting crew. Once again we believe we have met and surpassed the mandate and the final result, as one can see, is a beautiful, classic magnificently finished floor to be cherished for many more years to come!

Consult the professionals 

If you require the supply and installation of any type of flooring, be it classic Solid or Engineered wood, beautiful Bamboo, luxury hard-wearing laminate or Vinyl, talk to the experts at Libra Flooring. There is no substitute for the experience and expertise we have amassed over the last almost 25 years in the business. When it comes to wood, let us be the solution and provide the perfect outcome for any challenge you may face

– We look forward to it!