With the summer on its way and Cape Town expecting a bumper holiday season Landlords of short-term rental properties and Capetonians looking to make some extra money over this time are starting to get their holiday homes and apartments ready.

We have always believed that if you are renting on a regular basis it is necessary to ensure that certain aspects of your holiday home are hard-wearing and long-lasting, and most importantly, easy to maintain.

Nobody needs the headache of having to make repairs to your rental property every year after the tenants have left. So, here are a few great ways to beautify and fortify your rental holiday home for summer!

Hard-wearing, low-maintenance floors

As holiday home rentals are competitive the ideal situation is to have floors that will suffer the least amount of damage with a lot of traffic, but that still look great. Concrete and tiles can be effective but simply don’t have the luxurious, more cosy look of a beautiful Laminated or Vinyl floor. They are the nearest thing you get to wood, but almost scratch-proof, water resistant, hard wearing and very easy to maintain.

Blinds and shutters – tough and secure

Again, when one needs to consider aesthetics but still have a trouble-free solution, blinds will always offer a better alternative to curtains. More versatile, allowing the sunshine in whilst ensuring privacy, and far less likely to get damaged, blinds come in a range of colours and styles to enhance any room and are customised to your exact specifications.

Shutters are equally beautiful, offering a far better look than curtains, security gates and burglar bars but still excellent security. It’s the best of both worlds, an aesthetically stunning, hard-wearing solution for your holiday home.

Eliminate outdoor maintenance 

Two great ways to drastically reduce maintenance in your garden area whilst still maintaining a beautiful, modern look are wooden or composite decking and artificial grass.

Decking expands your living area into the garden and is especially great for joining the entertainment area with the pool and reducing the grass areas. It looks fabulous, is great for suntanning and cocktail parties and comes in both wood and composite decking, which offers a wider colour range and less long-term maintenance.

Artificial grass can eliminate muddy footprints being dragged into the house and of course, turns a grassed area into a practically no-maintenance area too! It is also a huge saving on the water bill, making your property more profitable and a better investment for future buyers.

All under one roof

Many people don’t know that Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens, Cape Town supplies all the necessary flooring and other items mentioned here to beautify and fortify your rental holiday home for summer. 

Obviously, we supply and install all the flooring needs you might have, as we have for nearly 25 years been the Cape’s number one flooring specialists but our expansion to many other areas of supply and installation like decking, artificial lawn, shutters and blinds are now all available under our one roof.

Contact us or come and visit soon. We are waiting to welcome you and offer you our ‘balance of quality and price’ – it’s our motto – so it’s a promise!