There is a huge new home design and renovation trend sweeping the globe and it’s called ‘Inviting the outdoors in.’ It emanates firstly from fulfilling the need to maximise what have become smaller indoor and outdoor living spaces (In Cape Town the availability of property is at a premium), increased costs of larger living spaces, and a human desire to feel nature more keenly not only in your outdoor spaces but indoors too.

So, this trend generally requires creating a flow between the garden and areas of the home, like entertainment areas and certain living areas, and without question nothing integrates the outdoors and indoors more beautifully than wood and composite decking!

More decking choices 

Wooden decking is an ideal way to enhance the look and feel of outdoor areas and instantly improves your lifestyle, especially around the swimming pool and entertainment areas, and also adds good value to your home!

The great thing now, however, is that as beautiful as wooden decking may be, the recent demand for longer-lasting, more resilient materials has seen the rapid emergence of composite decking, giving you far more choices than ever before.

What are the differences?

To make the right choice for your living space it’s important to know the differences between wood and composite decking, and there are pros and cons on either side…

A few advantages of composite decking are that it comes in a far greater range of colours, (which is a big pro for designers) it is harder wearing and so generally tends to last longer, requires a bit less maintenance (but still some), and although it is a plastic base, previously alienating environmentalists, it is now made from recyclable materials.

The cons of it essentially are the pros of wooden decking. These are that it is more expensive than traditional wooden decking because durability does come at a price, and remember that wood decking with the right maintenance also has a very good lifespan.

Additionally, it doesn’t have the natural look that wood does which does tend to make wood favoured by those who are looking for a more natural integration of the outdoors and the indoors, and finally, there are many manufacturers of composite decking so it is wise to get the advice from experts in the decking industry to know which are the reliable choices.

Regardless of the pros and cons though, and whatever your choice may be, nothing integrates the outdoors and indoors more beautifully than wood and composite decking!

Involve the specialists 

Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens Cape Town is an expert decking supply and installation company that has been providing these services to Capetonians for almost 25 years. We are happy to show you all the options and advise you on the best products to suit your specific requirements.

With our motto of ‘A balance of quality and price,’ whatever your choices are you can rest assured that we will provide and expertly install the best quality products at the right price too, so contact us today for a no-obligation consultation or just pop into our showroom – we would love to see you and give you a taste of one more thing we pride ourselves on – excellent service!