Maybe it’s because we spent a long time off the streets in 2020 locked up due to the COVI-19 pandemic and saw nature prosper in many ways as a result of it, or because we view life differently now, or because sustainability is such a key issue for us as we go into the new year that, for whatever the reasons, it appears that carpet and rug trends for 2023 will be all about nature!

Sustainable but sensuous 

Carpets and rugs made of bamboo, wool, sisal, or jute will be all the rage and the choice of a very eco-conscious public and Designers this year. It’s all about nature so the look will be rustic and rugged but still sensuous and serve both nature and fashionable colour trends.

Nature’s colours

All nature’s colours will feature in top Designer’s choices. Gone are the days of loud garish colours. With a need to feel peace and calm in a world gone mad, rich textured brown and green, orange and tones of yellow, will all blend into carpets and rugs that invite the outdoors in to create a sense of one with our environment.

Inspiration has no room for conformity

Just as nature does not always conform to symmetry there will also be room for more inspirational choices. As one Design specialist put it ‘’The season’s hottest trends are daring and charming shades that become the main focus. The inspiration also lies in nature, but this time, this is the bright side with warm terracotta, chic coral, peachy orange, bold lime, fruity purple, and, you know what, any juicy colour that suits your liking.’’

Off the wall!

There is even a trend building now that may take off in 2023 to hang carpets and rugs on walls as art pieces! So decorative and beautiful are the texture and colour are some of the rugs available now that amongst some Designers and fashionable homeowners they are beginning to be looked at as works of art and certainly a way to add a fantastic touch of warmth and colour to any room.

It’s all about balance!

Just as nature relies so heavily on getting the balance just right and working in harmony with all the elements, we at Libra Flooring understand the value of good partnerships so we have for many years now worked in collaboration with Africa’s premier carpet suppliers – Top Carpets and flooring to ensure that the quality of the carpets and rugs we provide to enhance our flooring will always be the best.

We have also, since our inception in 1999 had a motto that states our intention to always provide ‘A balance of quality and price’ and we never veer from that promise. Visit our showroom in Montague Gardens, Cape Town to view a full range of flooring and carpets and rest assured that in 2023 we will once again offer the best advice, superior products and the same highly professional installation that we have done for the last 24 years!

Have a fabulous holiday – a blessed Christmas and thanks a million to all our loyal customers in 2022. May 2023 be great for you – and keep your feet firmly planted on one of our fabulous floors as you reach for the stars!