This article will take a look at what some of the top interior designers and flooring companies are predicting will be the trends for flooring in 2023. It will be followed by trends for carpeting next month, so if that is your preference then watch this space!

In the meantime, it is interesting to note that trends are very much set nowadays by the significant changes that took place in the 2 years we were cocooned in our homes with the COVID pandemic. That in itself created a hugely important trend of more people having to work at home, which in turn has become a preference for many.

The fact is that there are plenty of home and office renovations going on and new floors being laid, but the choices for these floors are in themselves being dictated by other trends, mostly relating to the way we now want to live and what has become more important to us. There’s no question therefore that flooring trends for 2023 will be determined by lifestyles – so let’s just take a look at a few of these…

Calmer and more enjoyment of life will determine colour and style choices 

We have generally become calmer people who prefer to be at home spending more time with families – This also means we want joy and enjoyment from life and these will reflect in the colour choices and styles that we choose for our flooring.

Calmer, more relaxing colours, liken light blues and greys will prevail in some areas (probably work areas) and joyful, playful colours like orange and yellows will be more popular in entertainment areas. Although here in the Cape there will always be a place for elegant Engineered wood floors in stately homes, and there are now some lovely lighter tones, the chances are most people will opt for the larger range of colour and style choices offered by Vinyl and Laminate flooring to match their décor.

Tough and low maintenance will cut it

Vinyl and Laminate floors will also be popular choices because of their toughness, waterproofing and scratch-proof qualities. This is because, although we may be working from home and striving for more calm, time is still of the essence and hard-wearing, low-maintenance floors are always popular choices in keeping with our current lifestyles.


We are also constantly moving towards more sustainability and more eco-friendly options as we should be, so this will also become a big factor in 2023. We predict that those who can afford it will opt for the excellent Bamboo flooring options available. One of the most effective types of environmentally friendly flooring solutions, Bamboo flooring is also termed “Green Flooring” because Bamboo is actually a grass, not a wood species, contrary to popular belief.

Bringing the outside in…

A huge global trend in 2023 will be the integration of outside spaces into the indoors. This is due to the ever-shrinking size of the average dwellings, especially in places like Cape Town where property is at a premium. Due to sustainability issues like water saving and time constraints though large gardens will also not be prevalent so wooden and composite (available in more colour choices) decking will be gaining popularity. A seamless flow can be created from the indoors to outside with the use of plants, various types of décor and of course beautiful hard wearing decks.

Quality and price will always be trending

With the tough economic times we are facing, affordability will always be a paramount concern and of course we will still expect the same quality as ever before. Due to new technologies and products, and good flooring specialists like Libra Flooring, who have always promised ‘a balance of quality and price,’ this is possible.

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