Cape Town is one of the most sought-after short-term rental destinations in the world and a great place from which to operate a holiday home for rent A lot of guesthouse owners who have just recently been through the peak season period might feel that they could have achieved far better rentals though if their holiday homes were a bit more appealing – after all when last did you, as a guesthouse owner, give your money-maker a good facelift?

This is a mini-series on a few great tips for a few important renovations you could make that could hugely boost your rental income even before this Easter holiday season. It’s in three parts, starting from the floors, working up to windows doors, balustrades and ceilings and finally taking it outside to give you a couple of suggestions on how to achieve a stylish look with the lowest possible maintenance.

Floors – the foundation of every interior design

Without a doubt, the single most significant thing for a visual perspective in every room is the flooring. Bad flooring will not allow you to make any room look great, so let’s start there. Essentially you have three primary choices when it comes to flooring.

Wood – super elegant!

For the super-elegant old-world style Cape home, you cannot do better than the slightly more expensive but lavishly beautiful look of Engineered wood or Bamboo floors. Engineered wood is essentially pre-sanded oak and it comes now in a range of beautiful colours from the traditional dark wood to various shades of white.

Bamboo floors are not only spectacularly beautiful, with an appearance similar to traditional wood floors, but they are one of the most effective types of environmentally friendly flooring solutions. They are also known as “Green Flooring” due to the fact that Bamboo is actually a grass, not a wood species, contrary to popular belief.

Laminate and Vinyl – high appeal, low maintenance 

Probably the most popular choice for most guest house owners of more modern dwellings is either Laminate or Vinyl flooring, which both look great, giving an elegant finish similar to wood but with the added bonus of being super hardwearing and low-maintenance.

High-quality laminate floors are in fact so hardwearing and good with high volumes of foot traffic that they are suitable for commercial and industrial applications too. Vinyl flooring is similarly hardwearing and scratchproof but also waterproof and both these flooring types come in a wide range of decorative options and types and are both super easy to clean and maintain.

Carpeting and rugs – stylish and cosey

If you are a guest house owner who would like to achieve some winter rental income too, but your guest house needs an added element of warmth to achieve this, you might want to go for the different type of elegance that beautiful carpeting can provide.

Wildly popular with Interior Designers because of the massive range of styles and colours that you have to choose from, carpets add not only an element of style and elegance but warmth and comfort too.

What a lot of guest house owners are choosing to do now is go with the sumptuous feel of carpets in the bedrooms, the fabulous look of wood in the entertainment areas and a splash of colour and warmth with lovely rug overlays. Rugs too are available in such an amazing range of styles that some people are even using them to adorn the walls in their homes!

We help to simplify tough choices 

Choosing the correct floor can be a difficult decision and every guest house is different and unique. We at Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens Cape Town, in association with Top Carpets and Flooring, will help you to simplify this process and ensure that you get the perfect balance of quality and price that we have always offered our clients.

If you need assistance with choosing the right floor type, size or colour, please contact us to speak to one of our consultants. – and watch this space as we continue to explore more great tips and trends for guesthouse renovations!