As always certain trends prevail as we go into each new year. This time last year we wrote that the flooring and carpet trends for 2023 would pretty much align with international lifestyle trends – and as we go into 2024 this is still prevalent. There are some exciting new developments too though so let’s explore what will be the top flooring and carpet trends in 2024…

Nature calls

We will still see a strong leaning toward natural colours and bringing the outdoors into our living spaces. this means that rich Engineered wood will be popular and wooden decking leading from entertainment areas to garden settings will also become more popular.

Smaller spaces 

This also aligns with the need for smaller gardens as we tend to have less space and less demand from an ecological point of view for large gardens. We want to save water so lawns like we used to have will probably be replaced with beautiful wooden or composite decking or with artificial grass.


As always there will be more calls for sustainable options that help to save the planet. For this reason, stunning Bamboo flooring will be a favourite in 2024. It is a little more expensive but has a unique and absolutely exquisite look.

So what’s new?

So, those are the 2022/23 trends that will pretty much carry over to 2024, but some good news for those who like to try new things is that, according to some décor experts, there will be a few brand new trends that will be present in many homes and offices in the coming year. These include…

Floors – patterned, two-toned and wider

Interior Design experts are predicting that patterned wood flooring will be popular in 2024, particularly in Kitchens, dining rooms and hallways. There will also be a trend towards two-tone and more medium-toned than the lighter tones of days gone by.

Finally, floors will be more large format with wider planks – as much as a foot wide according to some observers. Who’s to say if they are right? – but it’s certainly worth checking out what top local flooring suppliers have on offer this year.

Carpets and rugs – classic and artistic

Classic-styled carpets, they say, are making a big comeback as with the energy crisis there is a hankering towards natural warmth in the home and this is amply supplied by rich carpets and heavy rugs laid over floors.

Another popular trend is for rugs to be hung on walls, doubling as a type of artwork and providing warmth. Top carpets and flooring are the local ‘go-to’ people for the best in carpets and our association with them has greatly enhanced our carpet and rug offerings.

Blinds and shutters – more options and greater security

The great thing about blinds is not only their practicality but from an interior design point of view, they are so versatile in style, colour and types that they are a Designer’s dream. This will continue in 2024 as more colours and styles will emerge that complement the natural look and feel that will prevalent in most places.

Security is a massive concern nowadays and so sturdy, secure, but equally stunning to look at shutters will continue to dominate home and office design choices in 2024 – at least for those who can afford them!

One shop has it all!

Over the last 25 years, Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens Cape Town has made it our mission to not only supply the highest quality products at the lowest prices but to continually expand our offering – and most importantly remain on the cutting edge of whatever new trends emerge in the industry.

We provide a one-stop shop for flooring of every kind, a full range of carpeting and rugs and beautiful blinds and shutters – as well as decking and artificial grass. To stay aligned with the best in flooring and carpet trends in 2024 – look no further – simply contact us and let us be your guide.

To all who have supported us in 2023 – thank you – have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful new year!