Winter is really upon us now with thoughts turning to heating, and along with that always comes the question “What are the best types of heating?’’ Many things have to be considered like heating efficacy, energy efficiency, convenience, cost etc.

Since COVID-19 we are also seeing a huge spike in home renovations with people adding on office spaces etc. So right now really is the right time to consider this question of heating, especially if you’re building or renovating as your style of heating may be a part of the project.

There are of course many types of heating and most people opt for a fireplace or the easy to move gas or electric heaters. These usually stand in a corner somewhere but unfortunately, that corner is pretty much the only area that they cover, and people find themselves huddled into one space to get warmth.

Well, there is a better way – underfloor heating or UFH. Yes, admittedly it is a bit more costly at the point of installation, but it’s a great investment in any home as it’s a great permanent fixture. So let’s examine a few practical reasons why underfloor heating is the treat under your feet! 

It covers a greater area

Have you ever experienced the luxury of walking into a home with underfloor or under carpet heating? The great thing is wherever you go in the room the temperature seems to be the same throughout. That’s one of its greatest advantages. No more huddling in one corner.

Freedom of design 

Because there are no cold spots when every part of a room is covered with UFH, it is better for freedom of design as you need not allow space for fireplaces, radiators etc. You are also free to choose any type of floor or carpeting too as underfloor and under-carpet heating can be used under any floor including wood, laminate, vinyl, carpet etc.

Energy efficient

Believe it or not, although it covers a wide space, it is generally more energy-efficient than conventional heaters. The reason for this is that once the room is heated to the required temperature the UFH can run at a lower temperature than a standard heater and still be efficient.

This means it also gives you great temperature control. You have a thermostat that can be set to your exact specifications for each zone in the home and smart apps are available too that allow you to set temperatures even when away from the home.

Libra flooring’s got you covered 

Not everyone knows that Libra Flooring based in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, is a flooring and carpeting business that not only installs every type of floor and a wide range of carpets but are also expert installers of underfloor and under carpet heating too.

We execute this service with the same balance of quality and price that we offer for all our wide range of productsTalk to us before you lay your next floor or carpet and seriously consider the benefits, investment value and of course the treat of having heat under your feet!