Having been suppliers and installers of almost every type of flooring surface, both inside and outside the home, we are often asked by those with pets what would be the most pet-friendly options for both.

Well to begin with let’s look at flooring options inside the home. As we know the two biggest problems with animals inside are scratching the floors when playing too boisterously and little ‘accidents’ when they don’t get outside in time or have not yet been house trained.

Obviously, hard flooring options like tiles or stone would be suitable but these are highly uncomfortable for pets and will have them slipping and sliding all over the place – also they are not suitable for pet owners who prefer a warmer look. Carpets on the other hand are warm, but not great when it comes to pets with nails pulling up the pile and for staining after little accidents too.

Laminate floors are Fido-friendly 

A good option to alleviate both these main issues with pets and a comfortable surface for them too would be laminate flooring. Laminate flooring doesn’t scratch easily (although this should not be tested to the limit and pets nails should be cut anyway) and it is really easy to clean and maintain. Just ensure it has been professionally installed and speak to us about good maintenance to get the most out of it.

Artificial grass for happy pets and owners alike

Artificial grass, also known as synthetic lawn, is by far the best outdoor surface for your pets. For pets it has a nice solid but comfortable feel to run and roll around on – and all the latest products contain no harmful chemical additives. For pet owners the benefits are numerous and here are just a few of them…

It’s much cleaner – To keep your indoor flooring surfaces clean is a bit of a mission when you have pets that are always dragging dirt and mud into the house. With synthetic lawn, a permeable base quickly disperses any extra rainwater, which quickens the drying process. A sub-sand layer creates a shield over the mud underneath it. With no dirt or mud to be had, this dirt in the house problem is eliminated for good.

No more holes in the lawn – One of the biggest issues with dogs is the incessant digging of holes – sometimes apparently for no good reason. This too is no longer an issue.

No mess or smells – You do have to have your usual cleaning regime with pets on the lawn, but this is easily done and the lawn is easy to clean and holds no odour of pet’s messes. The synthetic blades don’t discolour and plenty of drainage holes make it easy to hose away the excess.

Creating the balance

As they say, it’s all about creating harmony and balance- and what better way for pet lovers to do so than to have pet-friendly surfaces both inside and out! 

Libra Flooring, situated in Montague Gardens Cape Town, has been creating a balance of quality and price for all our flooring options, installations and maintenance since 1999 and nothing tips the scales. We have remained consistent throughout Covid-19 and will continue to do so .

We will still be giving the best advice, service and pricing options in the Western Cape for many years to come. Contact us or visit our showroom to view our wide range of products and discuss your specific flooring, carpets, rugs, blinds, decking or artificial grass requirements.

Stay safe – and stay positive!