Here in Cape Town, due to the lucrative short-term rental prices that can be fetched in our holiday seasons, we have many homeowners who rent out their properties for the summer, but actually, if one is clever enough and installs the right fittings, fixtures and décor accessories winter rentals are just as feasible.

We have often written about the difference that having the right floors can make to add warmth in winter especially when adding the right carpets to the right rooms. This article tells you all about it – Carpets add warmth and style to winter guest houses!.

What about carpets stylish cousin though – beautiful, colourful, warm and versatile rugs? Rugs are an Interior Designer’s dream and they will tell you that trendy rugs can transform your winter holiday home!

So, let’s look at a few of the great benefits of rugs and what they can add to your holiday home…

Colour to dazzle

Rugs come in such a massive range of colours that Designers can match them with any type of floor or general room décor. They say that the right colours can also give a feeling of warmth, so try it out.

Style to add flair!

The massive selection of styles of rugs is also astounding. They come in everything from traditional prayer rugs to futuristic designs that take your room into a new dimension. From rugs designed to be plush and warm to highly practical rugs for wet areas like your kitchen or bathroom – you can throw a rug over any floor and watch it come alive!

Warmth for winter days

Of course, there is the practical aspect too of simply warming an otherwise cool room. What better way to warm a room with a cold floor than by laying down a nice thick winter rug?

Versatility makes rugs the Interior Designer’s dream

Possibly the best thing about rugs as some of these points have shown, is their great versatility. They can not only be used in so many areas, but in summer if preferred they can be removed altogether or, as some trendy Designers have discovered, rugs with great designs can also be hung on the walls as stunning pieces of art!

Consult the versatile flooring specialists

Talking about versatility, Libra Flooring is possibly the most versatile flooring business in Cape Town as we offer not only all the most popular types of flooring but thanks to our association with Top Carpets and Flooring, an impressive range of carpets and rugs as well.

Talk to us today about the wide range we offer, and when it comes to floors and carpets remember that we have been expertly fitting them for almost 25 years. Yes, trendy rugs can transform your winter holiday home – but Libra flooring, with our ‘balance of quality and price’ can completely transform your lifestyle!