Here in South Africa, those who own holiday homes and guesthouses to rent out to vacationers have usually prepared these places to be as cool as possible for the summer months. Come winter, however, especially here in the Cape where our Mediterranean winters can be pretty cold, many guesthouses are not as cosy as they should be.

Why risk limiting the period of your holiday rentals only to summer when there is a pretty easy solution to give your guest house a warmer feel plus many other appealing elements? Being flooring specialists, we are referring of course to carpets – the flooring that adds warmth and style to winter guest houses.

The benefits of beautiful carpets

Especially when utilised in bedrooms and living areas, like the cosy winter lounge, carpets add not only warmth but many elements to your guest house, so let’s take a look at just a few of these…

  • Warmth
    Heat rises and having carpets on the floors automatically improves the temperature of otherwise cold rooms by adding insulation against the cold. They also add an element of warmth to the body underfoot when walking on them.
  • Luxury
    Talking of walking on them, there is nothing quite so sumptuous as the feel of a thick piled carpet, making even ordinary guesthouses feel luxurious and cosy.
  • Style
    With such a wide range of colours and styles to choose from, carpets after being dismissed for a time, are right back in Interior Designer catalogues as favourites for adding an element of style and rich colour to any room.
  • Noise reduction and safety
    It can be a great idea to carpet a kid’s playroom area (very popular in guesthouses) because carpets provide significant noise reduction and they are safer to run and play on than most other types of flooring.

Consult the flooring and carpet specialists

Libra Flooring, which has over the last quarter of a century, already gained a reputation in Cape Town as one of the best suppliers and installers of almost every type of flooring, vastly expanded our offering when we partnered with South Africa’s largest carpeting company Top Carpets and Flooring.

This means we can offer our customers not only the widest range of carpets and rugs in the country but still supply them with our famous  ‘balance of quality and price’ – and install the carpets with the same expertise with which we install all our floors.

Learn more about what cosy, comfortable carpets can do here, keeping in mind that carpets add warmth and style to winter guest houses – and talk to us today about whatever flooring requirements you may have! Watch this space too for our next article on how trendy rugs can transform your holiday home!