In our last article, we spoke about the importance of doing interior renovations at this time of year and why. If you missed it, you can find it (along with many other great flooring and renovation ideas) here. This article is to offer some good advice and ideas about what these interior renovations could be.

It looks specifically at what renovations that you can make in the wet season when outdoor renovating or building becomes quite restrictive, starting with dealing with the kind of damage we experience at this time of year, to security advice and decor advice, particularly for homeowners of holiday houses.

Dealing with damage

In Winter in the Cape, we experience our rainy season and it is predicted that we are in for a particularly wet one this year. This often means damage to floors and carpets through ceiling leakages and this is something we remind holiday homeowners in particular to check on every winter as this damage needs to be dealt with before the next holiday season.

Libra Flooring has been dealing with such insurance claims for the last 25 years and we can offer not only expert advice on how to make your claim as seamless as possible but also do assessments, issue quotes, and once the claim is accepted ensure that your damaged spaces are fixed correctly or replaced with the best possible flooring or carpets available.

Securing beautifully

Whilst you are executing winter renovations you may want to kill two birds with one stone by installing stunning shutters! They are floor-length blinds that offer effective security thereby eliminating the need for ugly burglar bars and shutter doors. They create a five-star touch and peace of mind for homeowners and holiday guests alike.

Adding a touch of class with carpets

Don’t forget that to add a feeling of luxury to any room you can go with a beautiful plush carpet, or lay a stylish rug over one of our fabulous floors. With our association with Top Carpets and Flooring, we can offer a range of carpets and rugs that will blow your mind but not your budget!

Consult the experts

For all the advice and assistance that you need, plus a wide range of flooring, carpeting, shutters and blinds and other interior and exterior products, you can’t do better than to trust Cape Town’s premier flooring specialists – Libra Flooring.

Situated in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, we have been servicing Capetonians with the finest products for over a quarter of a century and always adhering to our promise of offering ‘a balance of quality and price.’

Talk to us today about what interior renovations you should be making this winter, or about whatever your specialised renovation requirements may be.