This is the second part on how to know you have chosen the best flooring specialists in Cape Town and if you missed part 1 you can get it here –  How do I choose the best flooring specialists in Cape Town? – Part 1 – (

As we shortly celebrate our Human Rights Day we thought it would be appropriate to cover in this series the things we believe every customer has a right to when dealing with a reputable flooring provider and installer.

In part 1 we already covered our extensive experience, the expertise of our specialist staff, our accountability and transparency in all that we do, and the wide range of products we provide. There is more, however, and the other benefits you get from dealing with Libra flooring are…


As a business that has been around for a long time, we have built great relationships with the best service providers and manufacturers of the products we sell and install, thereby enabling us to pass the savings we can leverage from such service providers to our customers. We also run a comparatively small core business, keeping a tight rein on costs and that also benefits you the customer.


Quality, on the other hand, is never compromised and that is exactly why we created the motto ‘A balance of Quality and Price!’ We ensure that whatever product we use will always exactly meet the criteria of your job description and once we are assured of that we will advise on your pricing options. All products carry manufacturer’s warranties and our own guarantee of installation precision.

Building long-term relationships

Due to our expertise and attention to detail, as well as our consistent customer care, Libra Flooring has built a solid loyal customer base over the last 25 years and constantly receives rave reviews and accolades for our work. We believe in building long-term relationships and that is one of the most significant ways you can know that the flooring specialist you are hiring is the right one!

Remember, we also offer a wide range of other products that complement the flooring in your premises, so that you can come to one expert provider to install most of your household or office fittings.

So, contact us today or come visit us at our showrooms in Montague Gardens. We cannot wait to welcome you and let you find out for yourself that when you choose Libra Flooring you choose the best flooring specialists in Cape Town!