Part 1

Come winter in the Western Cape many guest house owners turn to longer-term rentals or want to just leave their guest house to stand until it is again vacation season. Either way, the last thing they need is to be spending time and money maintaining the premises when less or no income is forthcoming.

The house is not much of a problem but gardens always need to be maintained especially when the rains come. It makes sense, therefore, to minimise the outdoor garden space and we have a couple of good ways to do it – utilising beautiful Wooden Decks and Artificial Grass.

This is a 2 part mini-series dealing firstly with Wooden and Composite Decking. So why decking? Well, apart from the aesthetic value of linking the house to the pool or garden, there are a few other good reasons to think about decking.

Makes the most of winter months

By decking a large part of the outdoor areas you not only make the guest house more attractive for summer but also still provide a good-looking outdoor area when many other gardens are looking worse for wear in the winter months.

Low maintenance and water-wise

The best part of utilising decking, especially if you have a fairly small garden at the holiday home, is that you have far fewer planted areas to maintain. The decking itself only requires maintenance from time to time but the constant watering, mowing and pruning of gardens is non-stop!

With the constant drought issues experienced globally, and soon expected again in South Africa, water-wise options are always preferable too. Decking is an eco-friendly, ‘water-wise’ choice and will save you money on the water bills!

A great investment

Any fixture or entertainment area added to the home will add value. Just like a well-thought-out and designed renovation or building addition, decking will genuinely increase your floor space and be a financial asset.

Composite decking – gives you more options

Although wooden decking has that lovely natural; wood look and is a bit cheaper, composite decking is highly trendy because it has some advantages. Designers love the fact that It comes in a far greater range of colours, but it also generally tends to last longer, and requires a bit less maintenance. Although it is a plastic base, previously alienating environmentalists, it is now made from recyclable materials.

Libra Flooring tops them all

With Libra Flooring’s great reputation and expertise in supplying and installing an extensive range of fabulous flooring, wooden decking was just a natural extension of our offerings.

Talk to us today about your wooden or composite decking requirements, or visit our showroom in Montague Gardens for friendly advice and to experience our ‘balance of quality and price’ for yourself.

Watch this space for part 2 when we give you some advice on awesome Artificial Grass!