Why SPC Vinyl is every holiday home landlord’s first choice

Spring has finally arrived and many holiday home owners are unlocking their holiday residences or rentals for the first time in months.

Usually there is a lot of cleaning to be done and in many cases refurbishing of all kinds. Those who rent out their holiday homes in the summer – sometimes known as the Airbnb sect may even be considering renovations.

Without a doubt, the replacement of old, damaged or particularly stained carpeted floors can be one of the best ways to get a better price for your holiday home. If you’re going to do it though, you need to carefully consider a few things…

Ask the questions

How long do you want the home to be rented for – is this a long term project?

Are you trying to get a more upmarket type of tenant to rent it – one who will be willing to pay more?

Do you need the floor to be hard wearing and maintenance as simple as possible?

Do you have a limited budget to embark on this sort of exercise?

If you have answered yes to any of the above – and most landlords answer yes to all of them – then we need to explain to you why SPC Vinyl is every holiday home landlord’s first choice! Let’s answer the four questions.


Vinyl floors have for a long time been the popular choice for those who want to combine style with longevity an SPC Vinyl just takes these benefits a step further. If your rental is long term, there is no doubt that SPC Vinyl will give you one of the best options of a long term flooring solution.


There are very few floors more beautiful and that give a holiday home a more stylish look. If one needs to add some element of warmth, a great throw over rug can add plushness and a little colour. Your average tenant will certainly be a more upmarket client and that means you can charge a little (or a lot) more.

Less destructible

SPC Vinyl floors are less likely to be damaged – an as all landlords know this is their biggest fear. A dropped hairdryer or porcelain pot – kids jumping and scuffing as they play – these are all far less likely to leave any permanent marks with this type of flooring.

Maintenance too is a breeze, with ordinary sweeping ad mopping being sufficient to keep them spotlessly clean.

Don’t break the bank

As a Landlord you are aware of what a difference a great floor in your holiday home could make to your bottom line, but you have a limited budget too. You’ll be pleased to know then that Vinyl floors are one of the less costly floorings to fit and if you deal with a reputable dealer like Libra flooring, we include professional installation that guarantees your SPC Vinyl flooring will remain beautifully intact for many years to come.

Contact us to find out about the many other products we supply, like those throw over rugs that were mentioned, plus blinds, a wide range of carpets and all other standard flooring surfaces. When it comes to that valuable rental of yours though, at least you now know why SPC Vinyl is every holiday home landlord’s first choice!