Decor is something that is subjective and personal for most people and the choice of blinds and shutters is no exception. Tastes differ from traditional to ultra-modern and somewhere in between. So what are the blinds and shutters that would probably best suit your preferences?

In the interests of always keeping our customers and potential customers up to date with the latest in what’s happening, we would like to inform you of some great blinds and shutters trends for every type of home.

Throughout the home blinds and shutters can shine and add a fabulous element of décor to any room. Designers call it your ‘window treatment,’ so how will you be treating your windows when next choosing your blinds and shutters? Pattern, texture and colours all play a part in finding the perfect look.


Many prefer blinds and shutters to curtains and some combine them with curtains…like for the traditional look where blinds are used essentially to shut out sunlight, but are enhanced by curtains swept to the sides and used more for decorative purposes. Colour choice to blend blinds and curtains is of course essential!


When a home has clean lines and lots of glass, as in the very modern style generally, blinds are showpieces and patterned blinds can add a nice element. With these types of homes shutters also add a very modern look and an additional element of privacy.


Quite a big trend in bedrooms in 2019 is skylights and motorised blinds are very popular with this type of room. IF you like potted plants in the bedroom, which is actually another big current trend, roller blinds that let in plenty of light for the plants are a good option.


Blinds are very popular in bathrooms right now – wooden Venetian blinds for the natural look and aluminium Venetian blinds for the more modern feel. As a security option, as many bathroom windows are not secured with burglar bars, there are security shutters too that can be beautiful and keep you safe.

We have really just touched on a few trends here and in articles to come there will be more, so watch this space!

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