Many people will be surprised to know that hardwood floors and carpets can make a great couple – and it’s not only rugs that work over floors. Let’s face it, hardwood flooring throughout a residence or office space, as beautiful as it looks, can get a bit boring and there are certain areas where the soft luxurious feel of carpets has its place too.

Other reasons for overlaying carpets on floors might be just to create a bit more warmth, or because the original flooring is no longer looking so great, but instead of pulling the whole thing up just overlay some great carpeting and have a double layer of warmth, comfort and protection.

You can in fact lay sections of carpets over hardwood flooring in certain areas and it can still protect the flooring if correctly installed. This is a great reason to always use professional installers when embarking on such a challenge.

Here are a couple of tips on maximising the laying of carpets with hardwood floors – the best way to find out that hardwood floors and carpets can make a handsome couple!

Don’t be boring!

Interior Designers are some of the first people that will suggest something as unusual as pairing carpets and hardwood floors because they are always looking for new ideas and setting trends for modern living. Why not try curving the hardwood floor design – or curving the carpet design? This makes for a unique and highly fashionable look. You can also add an inlay to the borders of the carpet which can hold the carpet in place but make it look much less like a rug.

Choose contrasting carpet colours

If you have dark hardwood floors go for a light carpet colour to offset it beautifully – and of course vice-versa. Any Interior decorator will tell you that contrast on laid floors, whatever their texture, will always bring a room to life and add pizzaz!

Use experienced professionals

It is always advantageous to get the best advice and expertise of experienced professionals, in this case, both those who really know carpets and those who know flooring. An example of this would be another perfect pairing that took place in 2017 when Libra Flooring decided to join the hugely successful Top Carpet and Floors group (TCF) so that we could offer the very best in carpets and rugs along with our already wide range of fabulous flooring options.

So successful were we in playing our part within the world-renowned group that within a year we had won Member of the year Western Cape 2018 and Most Improved Member of the year 2018 – by 2020 we had won Member of the year Western Cape 2020.

This speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence in everything we do, but make no mistake, no matter how much we expand, or how large our product range becomes, we still maintain a highly personalised service and our assurance of ‘a balance of quality and price.’

Contact us today or visit our showroom in Montague Gardens. We are here to offer sound advice and our many years of expertise. Just like our carpets and flooring TCF and Libra Flooring make a handsome couple that you will always want to do business with!