Rugs are Interior Designers’ go-to accessories for bringing a room to life with colour, warmth beauty and style! Regardless of the type of floor you have or the décor you have chosen, a rug can be the one thing that brings a room alive and so it’s a good idea to know what rugs go with what types of floors if you are considering the purchase of one any time soon.

As Cape Town’s top flooring specialists with an association with Top Carpets and flooring, we thought it would be a good idea to talk about the three main types of floors that we offer and the rugs that go well with them. The three criteria one should use to assess this are a) colours and patterns, b) thickness and c) texture and style. So, therefore we say the right rug for your floor can add colour, warmth and style!

Hard or Engineered wood floors

These beautiful floors add a rich texture to any room and are often found in the most elegant homes. The colour range of these is very limited however so if one wants to add a splash of colour, one can’t do better than to add a beautiful rug into the mix. Colours should be natural like Brown or tan for darker floors, but patterns make them look too busy. Lighter floors will benefit more from darker rich shades of rugs and patterns can be very effective.

Because of the elegant look of Engineered wood, thicker rugs generally go well and textures and styles should be chosen to compliment the run of the wood; again better for lighter wood floors than for darker ones.

Carpeted floors

The uninitiated may baulk at the idea of adding rugs over carpeted floors but regardless of their similarity rugs can add a beautiful element of style and additional warmth to carpeted areas. The most important rule is to remember that patterns on patterns don’t go well at all but an elegantly patterned rug on a plain carpet can have a stunning effect.

Again ensure some contrast in colour of the two surfaces, but in the case of carpets, rugs can be chosen along the same colour lines. White, black or grey shaggy rugs are always a good choice as they can go with pretty much any type of carpet, providing it is not also a shaggy carpet, as that is overkill of the same texture.

Laminated or Vinyl flooring

These hardwearing, low-maintenance floors are a popular choice today and they come in a variety of shades and styles. For this reason, matching them with the right rug is a bit more challenging as it really comes down to what is being overlaid on what. Because most of these types of floors have plain textures rugs should add a beautiful contrast of colour and colours can be as bright and flashy as you like!

Rugs also add a great element of warmth to these floors which do tend to be quite cold, so go for thick full textured rugs. Just a word of advice though, Vinyl floors are often chosen for bathrooms due to their water-resistant quality and rugs can be a magnificent addition of style and elegance here too from an aesthetic point of view, but they need to be thin cotton dhurrie rugs which are relatively cheap and can be replaced regularly, due to the wear that wet areas can have on rugs.

Get them from the best

Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens Cape Town, in association with Top Carpets and Flooring, provide the widest range of the finest quality rugs of every colour, pattern, thickness, style and texture you can think of. We are a one-stop shop for the supply and installation of the finest floors and the beautiful carpets and rugs that go with them.

Best of all, our rugs like everything else we supply come with our guarantee of a perfect balance between quality and price. Talk to us or visit our showroom. We are as warm and welcoming as our rugs and look forward to serving you!