Well, Spring has sprung and it’s a fabulous time to be alive as we thaw out of our Winter shells and begin to face warmer, sunnier days. It is not always a good time however for those who own holiday apartments and are preparing for the summer season, especially those who will be facilitating short-term rentals to holidaymakers.

One of the biggest issues they face is having to refurbish or replace several aspects of their holiday apartments as they need to go to several suppliers and installers to do so. It is all time-consuming and frankly just a headache to do so.

The good news is that Libra Flooring in association with Top Carpets handle a huge amount of the type of renovations or replacements that you are likely to have to make, so you can get them all from one very liable, renowned source. Let’s take a look then at what great holiday home renovations are available – all from one source!…



You know only too well that holidaymakers can have very little respect for your floors and whether it is a beautiful Engineered wooden floor in a stately Cape Dutch homestead, or a hardwearing Vinyl or Laminated floor in an ultra-modern beach house, damage can be (and often is) done. For repairs or installation of floors of any kind including trendy, stylish Bamboo flooring Libra Flooring has got you covered.

Carpets and rugs

Carpets are so easily damaged and stained and eventually, after 100 holidaymakers have left their mark, it’s just not enough to get them cleaned again. With their association with Top Carpets, Libra Flooring offers a huge range of carpeting and stylish rugs to make any holiday home look brand new again.

Blinds and shutters 

Letting the summer sun in and keeping it out in the right way and at the right time as well as beautiful looks and longevity make blinds of all kinds and particularly amazing stylish shutters (also great for security) a must in every holiday apartment. They too will need replacing from time to time though, so once again our advice, range and installation capabilities will get you the best blinds available anywhere.



Awesome Awnings are stylish and beautiful and add an element of class and flair to any outdoor area as well as being highly functional and adding value to any holiday home. They also keep the sun off your guests at the hottest time of the day and protect your wooden decks – which brings us to…


Wooden decking is an ideal way to enhance the look and feel of outdoor areas and they too add great style and value to any holiday home. They are also subject to wear and tear and damage though so talk to us about replacements or repairs. We also supply the more hard-wearing ‘composite’ decking (commonly misrepresented as plastic). The one that we use most is a composite of bamboo and PVC, which is also available in a wider range of colours.

Artificial lawn

It’s trendy, functional and an absolute must for holiday homes because you simply can’t be around all the time to look after lawns. Hardwearing and easy to maintain, any holiday home  owner should seriously consider Artificial lawn as a stylish, value-adding addition to their property investment.

Consult the only source you need!

Libra Flooring in Montague Gardens has been supplying all of these products to Cape Town residents and the commercial construction industry for many years and their association with Top Carpets and floors makes them the best and most reliable suppliers and installers of all these products.

One word of important advice though – Cape Town all but shuts down in December so don’t leave things too late – talk to us about all your renovation requirements today and let’s make sure your holiday home is good to go in the summer of 2022!