As we go fully into summer here is the fairest Cape many people are looking into adding a deck to their patio or pool area …or as so many do, create a linking patio by placing decking between their outdoor area and the home.

Available from most really good flooring specialists are both wooden decks and the lower maintenance composite decking (commonly misrepresented as plastic), but regardless of which you choose, you can add beauty and style to the home.

We are expecting a record influx of tourists to the Cape this year too and those who are renting out their homes, or holiday homes, could do no better than to add a great deck to the entertainment area to spruce it up.

There are many practical reasons for adding a deck too, so let’s take a look at why decking your home for summer is a great idea!

Making the most of summer

A deck allows you to make the most of summer for entertaining. It adds so much flair and beauty that people like to be in the entertainment area and on a practical level it creates a good flooring space on which to put dining, lounging, or games furniture.

Design and decorate

A well designed deck can aesthetically enhance the look of your home and becomes a great ‘add on’. It really feels like you have increased the living space of the home. It is also great to decorate. Add lights and decorate for the Christmas season!

It is a fast add-on

This is an add-on that can be created quickly though. Unlike building add-ons, decks can be quickly designed and fitted. Just ensure that no corners are cut though and you use professional deck suppliers to do the job!

It is a great investment

Any fixture that is added to the home or entertainment area is something that will add value to the home. Just like making a well thought out, well designed renovation or building addition, decking will genuinely increase your floor space and be an asset to the home.

Decking is ‘water wise’

With the constant drought issues in South Africa and in the Western Cape in particular, water wise options are always preferable. Decking, as opposed to watering lawns or plants, is an eco-friendly, ‘water wise’ choice. It will also save you money on the water bills!

Quality and price

If you take advantage of the Libra Flooring ‘balance of quality and price’ decking offerings, we can assure you that we will supply and expertly fit a beautiful deck built to last many years, giving great pleasure, adding value and assuring a great investment, all at a highly competitive cost.

Check out our website to view our full range of flooring, carpets, rugs, blinds and of course wood and composite decking. You can also pop into our showroom in Montague gardens, Cape Town North – we would love to meet and advise you.

If we have convinced you that decking your home for summer is a great idea, then contact us and as always, with expertise, experience and superior products, we will make it happen!