Well, we are finally starting to look forward to a particularly significant spring after a long cold winter locked up in our homes and we are being released just before the ‘cabin fever’ has set in!

This has not been an easy time for many, but we now have to move forward and put the past behind us and what better time for new beginnings than spring? Many of you have had a chance to closely examine your homes during the lockdown and if your flooring needs replacing, there is actually no better time to do it than in spring and here are a few reasons why…


Particularly in the case of wood flooring, acclimatisation of the material is important. Spring is a perfect time when temperatures are not too cold or too hot, and humidity is reasonable, the materials can acclimatise to ensure hassle-free installation.

In the Cape, from a productivity point of view, dryer working conditions after the rain has gone is also a better time for workers and the projects. Spring is the perfect time to just get on with it!


There are processes involved with the laying of flooring and obviously certain effects of doing so. Flooring installation can mean subjection to odours, fumes emitted by sealers, dust, stains, adhesives and of course adhesive removers.

Ventilation, therefore, is vital and in winter this can be very uncomfortable. In spring it’s (if you’ll excuse the pun) a breeze! Open windows and doors and installation hassles become greatly reduced.

Save on energy

The continual opening and closing of doors and windows for bringing in new flooring and taking old out – as well as the aforementioned ventilation, would cause huge additional energy costs in winter because the room needs to be repeatedly heated.

At a time when Eskom are raising tariffs and sustainable practices are at the forefront of our consciousness, energy and cost savings are important factors to consider.

Be ready for summer

Many more people will be spending more time during summer vacations in their homes this year, so be ready for a great holiday by doing your flooring now.

You may also be the owner of a holiday home or rental home, so don’t get caught napping and leave your flooring installations or repairs too late. Remember this is a busy season for the best flooring installers, so book yours now!

No substitute for experience

At Libra Flooring, we are not only exceptionally experienced after many years of specialising in flooring of all types, including carpeting and decking, but we have incredible relationships with service providers which can be leveraged to give our customers the best deals.

We know many are cash strapped right now so talk to us about our spring offers and remember we can expertly assist with all insurance claims on damaged flooring. Enjoy spring – and stay safe!