Blinds are all the rage and with the incredible range that is available in such great styles and colours, it is not surprising. Blinds have always offered so much versatility too, making homes and offices look great, letting in just the right amount of sunlight (as they are fully adjustable) and offering a fair amount of warmth in winter too.

Security is the issue

What we cannot afford to ignore in today’s world, however, is that security is a pretty important issue – and we are as aware of this when we are in the home or office, or away from it. So can we combine all the great style and features of great blinds with something that can give us the security we require? Yes, we can!

Aluminium safety shutters

There are a few great Aluminium security shutters available from Libra flooring that have all the features of blinds and make your windows as secure as they can be – whilst eliminating the need for ugly burglar bars.

As one of our suppliers puts it “Safety should always come first but surely it can be stylish too? Aluminium Security Shutters are a savvy, sophisticated and secure solution for windows or doors – offering high-end security without compromising the aesthetics of your home, commercial or retail space.’’

What makes them so secure?

As you may know, there are other types of shutters too, like beautiful wood shutters, but when it comes to security these are a few of the features you need to look out for…

  • Good security shutters should have an ergonomically designed single lock and sliding louvre lock system to make operation easier. Also, a two-way locking system to make it virtually impenetrable.
  • Check that the louvres can be adjusted to control the amount of light coming in or view you’d like to see, but can also be locked into place!
  • A substantial bolt should secure the shutters to the floor, leaving no leverage to lift the lock out of the track
  • Ensure it is manufactured entirely from aluminium and can be fitted to almost any window and door, offering full protection of your entire home.

Let Libra assist 

We at Libra Flooring, in Montague Gardens, Cape Town, not only provide excellent makes of security shutters that tick all these boxes, but we create customised solutions for our clients assisting them to maximise their floor space through the correct installation of the right types of shutters.

Good folding aluminium louvred shutters can open up a room, control light, noise and temperature with the added benefit of keeping your home safe – so contact us to advise you on the best security shutters you can buy and ensure they are installed as professionally as all our floors, carpets, decking and artificial grass.

Stay safe – stay secure – and get Libra Flooring’s ‘balance of quality and price’ working for you!