While you’ve spent hundreds of hours holed up in lockdown you may have become more aware of your surroundings. You may have noticed issues with parts of your home that are in need of attention, but decided to just let it ride because this is obviously not a good time to have repairs done.

There are however things that can happen that put you into a panic – they are not safe or are possibly just exacerbating the myriad of health issue you feel you are already dealing with. It could be a plumbing issue, probably the most common one – and emergency plumbers are at hand even in these times.

What many people don’t realise is that if that plumbing, or some other issue, affects your flooring, and it becomes an emergency issue, that we, as flooring experts, can also possibly come to your rescue even now.

Essential is not necessary an emergency

A few words of advice in this area though. Almost all sub-contractors are issued at this time with ‘essential services’ permits – they are in fact quite easy to acquire. By law however, for you to get a flooring expert out to affect repairs at this time, it needs to be an emergency. To do this you need to have an official insurance claim that has deemed it to be an emergency.

The perfect 5 point plan

Once this is established we at Libra Flooring have devised a perfect 5 point plan to have the repairs executed as swiftly, and especially as safely, as possible.

Step 1 – Enquire Contact us via phone or fill in the enquiry form on our website.

Step 2 – Video call – We give you a video call from where we can see your requirements based on need, budget and replacement request.

Step 3 – Samples – We then deliver samples and will do a follow up video call to ascertain if you are happy with them, or (within reason) deliver more samples until you are.

Step 4 – Measure and quote – Once you’re happy with your perfect product we talk you through accurately measuring your space and then quote you accordingly.

Step 5 – Install – Rigidly maintaining all lockdown protocol and health and safety regulations, donning masks or visors and armed with sprays and sanitisers, we arrive to effect a perfect, professional installation or repair.

Remember that repairs are given preference over new installations at this time. So, now you have the perfect 5 point plan to fix your floors in lockdown, don’t hesitate to call us – even just for advice and consultation on projects posts COVID-19. We are here for you and hope you are staying home – and staying safe!